Neurosis it is a mental disorder, caused in most cases by severe, traumatic, significant for the patient reasons, which reduce psychological adaptation, cause anxiety, emotional disturbances and autonomic-somatic manifestations (sweating, palpitations, disruption of the stomach and others). Neurasthenia – a condition characterized by signs of exhaustion, weakness of the nervous system.

How to properly treat neurosis?

In the treatment of neurosis, in the first place, one should take into account the state of the human internal organs, and the functional capabilities of the body’s systems (cardiovascular, digestive). After accurate diagnosis in the complex of therapeutic measures include drugs that regulate the functions of body systems.

Neurosis is almost impossible to cure with medicines alone, psychotherapy is the main treatment for neurotic disorders. It is important to individually select for the patient exactly the method of psychotherapy that will be most effective. It should be emphasized that the psychologist cannot treat neuroses because he does not know many clinical manifestations of neurotic disorders and does not imagine changes in the vegetative system in this disease. In addition, he does not have information about the mechanism of action of psychotropic drugs.

In the complex therapy of neurosis and neurasthenia, a good effect is given: calm atmosphere, properly chosen diet, nature walks, massage, water procedures, and biofeedback sessions.