June 14 – World Blood Donation Day

The World Health Organization chose June 14 as a day to express appreciation to millions of people who save lives and improve other people’s health by donating their blood.

Each date of the World Blood Donor Festival is held under its motto. The theme of this year’s campaign is blood donation as an act of solidarity. It involves such fundamental human values as altruism, respect, sympathy and kindness that underlie voluntary blood donation systems. The World Health Organization adopted the slogan “Think of others. Give blood. Share your life.” to draw attention to the fact that voluntary donation systems urge us to take care of others and build social ties and a solid community.

Blood is the most valuable thing that man can give to another person. It is a gift of life. Your decision to donate blood can save lives or even several lives if separate components are isolated from your blood – red blood cells, platelets and plasma, which can be used separately for patients with certain diseases.

There is a constant need for regular blood supply, as it can only be stored for a limited period of time. In order for safe blood to be available whenever and wherever it is needed, a sufficient number of healthy people must donate their blood regularly.

For a healthy body, donating blood is safe. When blood is collected, only disposable plastic containers are used, which are closed systems that prevent the infection of the donor. The body has great compensatory capabilities, quickly restores the complex of substances and cellular elements lost during blood donation. At the same time, donors remain in good health, mood and ability to work. Scientific studies have shown that giving blood in a dose of up to 500 ml is completely harmless and safe for human health.

Any healthy person who has reached the age of 18, regardless of gender or profession, can be a donor.

More information on donations at site State institution “Brest regional blood transfusion station”.