20th issue of the Journal of Mental Health “Voices”

31.07.2018  year public organization “Belarusian Association of Social Workers” published a new electronic edition of the magazine, on the theme of mental health “Voices”

Electronic Journal “Voices” is available on a monthly basis with the Association in October 2016.

Magazine task – to reflect the views of experts and people with mental health problems on the existing problem; show international experience in the field of mental health, social rehabilitation and integration of people experiencing mental health problems; help to change attitudes towards mental illness and, consequently, reduce stigma and improve the quality of life of people with mental illness and their families.

With the permission of the public organization “Belarusian Association of Social Workers” on the website of Health facility “Brest regional psychoneurological dispensary” posted an electronic copy of the magazine.

In the new issue: 
  • The World Health Organization has included video game addiction in the list of illnesses Gambling – a disease or a bad habit?
  • The situation regarding people with mental illness in accordance with the new edition of Decree No. 3 “On the Prevention of Social Dependency”
  • How to support a friend with mental disorder?
  • How to talk to a person who hears voices
  • Fathers undressed for a mental health photo shoot
  • In my world – an initiative that challenges stigma
  • Neurasthenia: causes, symptoms, treatment
  • Why are people with mental and intellectual disabilities difficult to get a job?
  • Scientists: brothers and sisters preserve each other’s mental health

and much more.

You can get acquainted with the original publication, as well as with the archive of previous issues of the magazine, directly on the website of the Belarusian Association of Social Workers, or StopStigma.by.