POMOGUT.BY” – an information resource for people who are faced with the problem of addiction. The main goal of the project is practical assistance to drug addicts in the Republic of Belarus and drug prevention.

Project “POMOGUT.BY” – this is a combination of efforts and opportunities of the state and civil society. Its creators did not set themselves the goal of forcing them to stop using drugs.
The task of the project is to help those who are alone with their misfortune and lost in the ocean of promises, offers and services.

HELP PARENTS, whose children were in the thrall of drug addiction
HELP CONSUMERS, face to face with addiction

Understand. Accept. Help – it is the basis of the activities of those who act as participants in this project, joining efforts for the sake of feasible help to people who are confronted with the drug problem.

Is free. Anonymously. Confidentially.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime