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The advisory organizational and methodological department is a structural subdivision of the health care institution “Brest Regional Psychoneurological Dispensary”, which is entrusted with the organizational, methodological, advisory, coordinating and analytical function of psychiatric assistance to the population. It is being created in order to strengthen the organizational activity of psychiatric institutions in the region, to study more deeply, generalize and introduce advanced forms and methods of work in the practice of all institutions, to further improve the quality and culture of medical services for the population.

In its work, the advisory organizational and methodological department is guided by decrees, decisions, orders and instructions of higher health authorities, current legislation, and instructions from the chief psychiatrist of the Republic of Belarus.

The main functions are:

  • Analysis and synthesis, based on data of official statistical reports, operational information and inspection materials, the results of the activities of psychiatric health institutions, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic rooms of the central district hospitals.
  • Development of proposals for further improvement of the mental health services of the region.
  • Organizational, methodological and advisory assistance to psychiatric institutions and subdivisions of the service area, regardless of their subordination to their therapeutic, diagnostic, socio-psychiatric and expert activities, as well as direct verification of the specified activities of these institutions on the instructions of the relevant higher health authorities and counseling patients.
  • Counseling for all patients referred by district psychiatrists to general doctors in the absence of a psychiatrist in them.
  • Providing patients with social and legal assistance if necessary with the involvement of the legal counsel of the institution.
  • The study, synthesis and introduction into practice of psychiatric institutions of advanced work experience, the scientific organization of labor and management, the latest achievements of science and technology.
  • Participation in the organization and conduct of psycho-hygienic and psycho-prophylactic measures, as well as sanitary and educational work on the protection of the mental health of the population.
  • Participation in the development of professional development plans for personnel of mental health institutions in the region
  • Organization and holding of seminars, conferences, meetings.
  • The implementation, in the prescribed manner of monitoring the timing and quality of the implementation of policy documents in the field of mental health, as well as timely and careful consideration of letters, statements and complaints of citizens and the development of measures aimed at eliminating their causes.
  • Develops and implements activities aimed at improving the quality of specialized psychiatric care and the effective use of hospital beds.

Klyshko Edvard Stanislavovich

head of department (psychiatrist-narcologist, doctor-organizer of health care)

Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2013
Further training: “Modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders” (BelMAPO, 2015)

Retraining in the specialty: “Organization of health care” (qualification awarded – medical organizer of health care) (BelMAPO, 2018-2019)

Zhigalo Ekaterina Orestovna


Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2013
Qualification category: not
Starting work in the institution: 2019

Ostrovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna


Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2006
Training: “Actual aspects of medical prevention” (BelMAPO, 2014, 2015)
Qualification category: not
Starting work in the institution: 2019