Children’s Department of day care

Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday: 9.00-15.00

Our address
Brest, Kizhevatova st., 76/1

Children’s Department of day care is an intermediary between the inpatient and outpatient mental health services and links are intended to provide medical diagnostic and rehabilitative care to children and adolescents with mental and behavioral disorders and crisis situations that do not require round the clock care and treatment.

The tasks of the department are:

  • providing outpatient specialized medical care for children and adolescents with mental health problems and crisis situations, does not require hospitalization and day and night surveillance;
  • introduction of new medical technologies and methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment on the basis of modern medical science and good practices;
  • preventing primary disability and reducing its severity;
  • social and legal protection of children and adolescents suffering from mental disorders from discrimination in society and infringement of their rights and legitimate interests;
  • creating a favorable environment for the development, improvement of adaptation and socialization of children with mental and physical development;
  • socio-psychological support for the family;
  • prevention of suicidal, deviant and dissocial behavior of children and adolescents;
  • prevention of child abuse and violence in the family;
  • assisting children in especially difficult circumstances (neglect, criminal environment, victims of terrorist attacks, domestic violence, experiencing the loss of family members).

Preventive medical examinations of children (in the direction of the center of correctional and developmental education and rehabilitation, for obtaining a medical certificate of lack of registration, conclusion for a speech therapist, etc.) are carried out by a children’s psychiatrist of the polyclinic in accordance with the schedule at the address: Brest, Kizhevatova st., 76/1, office. No. 14. The presence of the child is required.
Inquiries by calling the polyclinic’s registry +375-162-21-54-71.

Dorosh Tatyana Valeryevna

psychiatrist-narcologist, acting head of the department

Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2009
Training: 2014
Qualification category: second

Velkevich Galina Aleksandrovna

head nurse

Education: Brest Medical School, 1982
Training: “HIV infection” (2017)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 1985

Tarasov Valentin Valerievich

psychologist, Head Specialist of the main Health Administration

Education: Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin (2008), State Institute of Management and Social Technologies of the Belarusian State University, master’s degree (2011)
Training: “Psychological counseling. Methodology and practice” (2017), “Clinical and psychopathological characteristics of psychosomatic disorders and psychological correction” (2017)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 2016

Gorbatyuk Irina Valeryevna


Education: Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin, 2008
Training: “Psychological and pedagogical skills” (2017)
Qualification category: second
Starting work in the institution: 2016

Lapsheva Irina Sergeevna


Education: Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkin, 2003
Training: “Psychological and pedagogical skills” (2000), “Medical and psychological correction of children’s problems in preschool institutions and schools” (2004)
Qualification category: second
Starting work in the institution: 2003

Selivonik Alexandra Mikhailovna

teacher and speech therapist, psychologist

Education: Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after M. Tank, 2004
Training: “Psychological and pedagogical culture of the educational process” (2007), “Medical and psychological correction of problems of children and adolescents” (2008), “Psychological and pedagogical skills” (2018)
Qualification category: second
Starting work in the institution: 2008

Yurkevich Ella Zenonovna

speech therapist

Education: Belarusian State University, 1998
Training: “Improving the qualifications of teachers of classes of integrated learning and education”, 1 and 2 levels of education (2017)
Qualification category:
Starting work in the institution: 2015