Group therapy

Psychotherapeutic group for patients with eating disorders

On the basis of the daily stay department of borderline states, a permanent group is working on work with eating disorders.

Group structure:
  1. introductory consultation of a psychotherapist doctor (if necessary, prescribing medication);
  2. weekly two hour group session;
  3. homework (nutrition diary, feelings analysis);
  4. weekly individual consultation.
To you here if:
  • for you, the question of weight and food is a central and “sore point”;
  • you are being weighed constantly, fluctuation of numbers on the scales or even the thought of it causes panic;
  • diet, calorie counting, cleaning procedures, grueling training – an integral part of your life and you are tired of it;
  • would you rate yourself as a good/bad, depending on the numbers on the scales;
  • you have obsessive food-related rituals;
  • it is difficult for you to give an objective assessment of your appearance (body, figure).

For information call: +375-162-52-74-48.

Psycho-educational group for people with schizophrenia

We invite you to a psycho-educational group of people suffering from schizophrenia. Mandatory pre-registration.

What do you get by participating in the group?
  • Opportunity to be heard and to get support.
  • Expanding the circle of contacts and communication.
  • Information on the causes, symptoms, principles of treatment of schizophrenia, on the therapeutic and side effects of drugs, on services and forms of care.
  • Assistance in the formation of coping skills in problem situations and behavior skills in worsening conditions.
Group format:

Meetings 2 times a week on the basis of the psychiatric department of a day stay, at the address: Brest, Ploska st., 17.

Leading groups:
  • Gruzova Victoria Vladimirovna – psychiatrist-narcologist.
  • Paliychuk Inna Aleksandrovna – psychologist.

Recording and additional information by phone +375-162-55-00-04.