Our tasks

  • Providing affordable and high-quality specialized psychiatric care to the population of the region using new modern methods of diagnosis and treatment;
  • Priority development of psychiatric care on an outpatient basis, with an emphasis on prevention;
  • Implementation of indicators of social standards in the field of health care, regional and regional territorial programs of state guarantees of providing free medical care to citizens, in the part relating to mental health services;
  • Improving the system of measures to reduce mortality from suicides, mortality in psychiatric hospitals;
  • Increasing interdepartmental cooperation in the implementation of measures to prevent suicides, prevent alcohol abuse;
  • Implementation of dispensary observation of the population, in accordance with the requirement of regulatory documents, increasing its effectiveness;
  • Improving the efficiency of work on the formation of motivation for a healthy lifestyle among the population;
  • Active involvement of citizens, employers, public organizations in health protection;
  • Changing the stereotypes of mental health care, the fight against myths and prejudices to psychiatry.


Dear visitors!
Please note that in health care institution “Brest Regional Psychoneurological Dispensary” electroencephalography performs electroencephalography with computer processing. The study and its interpretation are carried out by a doctor of 1 category. The result is given to the patient on paper on the day of the examination. Fast, high quality and inexpensive.

The price of 16,92 rubles.

Biological feedback (BF) and cognitive evoked potentials are based on the method of electroencephalography. Read more

Contact at: Brest, st. Ploska, 17
(psychiatric department of day care)
Information and recording by phone: +375-162-55-00-04.

Recent entries

Important! Medical examinations


Medical health certificate confirming the absence of psychiatric records, issued on personal application of citizens, after examination by a psychiatrist.

In accordance with paragraph 12 of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus of 10.02.2009 No. 182 “On the Provision of Paid Medical Services by Public Health Institutions”, medical certificates are issued for a fee, with the exception of certain categories of citizens who receive medical certificates free of charge.

Required documents

  • a passport or other identity document *;
  • military ID card – for persons liable for military service when receiving a medical certificate confirming the absence of diseases included in the list of diseases for which possession of a weapon is forbidden, a medical certificate of health that confirms the validity of driving motor vehicles, self-propelled vehicles, motor small-sized vessels, engine power which exceeds 3.7 kW (5 horsepower).

* Identity documents are a passport, residence permit, refugee certificate.


In difficult life situations, when it seems that you are in a hopeless situation
Anonymous and qualified specialists in the field of psychology and psychotherapy will help you.

for adults and children
8 (0162) 51-10-13
or short number
(around the clock)

for adults
8 (017) 352-44-44, 304-43-70
for children and teenagers
8 (017) 263-03-03
(around the clock)

Nationwide children’s telephone line (anonymous helpline for minors)


Nationwide free line for domestic violence victims


Anyone can:

  • Talk to an attentive consultant and be completely sure that this will remain secret;
  • Establish contact with a person you can trust;
  • To be accepted as a person as a whole, with all your experiences, problems and desires;
  • Express feelings and thoughts without being assessed and pressured;
  • Get help and find your way to a normal life.