Paid services for foreign citizens

Price list of paid services for foreign citizens provided by the “Brest regional psychoneurological dispensary”

Name of serviceunitcost, Belarusian rublescost, approximately in US dollars
Examinations by specialists
Inspection of psychiatristsinspection26,0113
The conclusion by the specialist doctor of the final expert decisionservice189
Registration of a certified medical registrarservice105
Consultations of medical specialists
Consultation by a specialist doctor of the first qualification category of the therapeutic profileconsultation4020
Session of individual psychotherapy of neurotic and behavioral disorderssession9,024,5
Stay in hospital
Stay in the psychiatric wardbed-day4522
Psychological counselingsession2613
The session of individual psychological correction of neurotic and behavioral disorderssession2613
Partial psychodiagnostic examinationsession3918
Functional diagnostics
Electroencephalography with computer processing procedure45,3523
Electroencephalography with evoked potentials procedure50,3625
Treatment session "Biological feedback"session2513