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tel./fax +375-162-56-96-13

Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday: 9.00-15.00 (duty doctor)

Our address
Brest, Sovetskaya st., 13, 1st floor

The polyclinic of the health care institution “Brest Regional Psychoneurological Dispensary” provides specialized psychiatric care to the population of Brest and the Brest district on a territorial basis on an outpatient basis and at home. Providing psychiatric care on an outpatient basis is carried out if the patient’s mental health or the nature of his mental disorder (illness) does not require constant 24-hour observation by a specialist doctor and intensive treatment.

Patients, except for patients who Psychiatric care is provided on a compulsory basis, as well as patients who, in accordance with existing regulations are subject to dispensary observation, mental health care can be provided anonymously.

In case of conditions requiring urgent medical intervention (accident, trauma, consignment, other conditions and diseases threatening the life or health of the citizen, or those around him) the patient should contact the emergency medical service by calling 103.

Kravchuk Pavel Vasilyevich

psychiatrist-narcologist, head of department

Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2011
Training: “Psychotherapy of Psychosomatic Disorders” (BelMAPO, 2013), “Psychodynamic Psychiatry” (BelMAPO, 2017), “Medical expertise with the basics of rehabilitation in primary disabling pathology” (BelMAPO, 2018)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 2014
Place of work: office number 8, tel. +375-162-21-54-71

Ageyevets Ol’ga Pavlovna

head nurse

Education: Pinsk Medical School, 1996
Training: “Modern aspects of the nurse’s activities for the care of patients with neurological diseases” (2016)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 1998

Shirina Aleksandra Vladimirovna

psychiatrist-narcologist, district 3

Education: Grodno State Medical Institute, 1999
Training: “Modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of mental and behavioral disorders” (BelMAPO, 2015)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 2009
Place of work: office number 5

Varfolomeeva Anastasia Alexandrovna

psychiatrist-narcologist (children)

Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2014
Training: “Diagnosis and treatment of affective disorders” (BelMAPO, 2015)
Qualification category: second
Starting work in the institution: 2015
Place of work: office number 14 (Brest, Kizhevatova St., 76/1, 1st floor, right wing)

Yankowska Monica


Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2004
Training: “Psychotherapy and psychological correction in the complex treatment of patients with chronic somatic diseases and in oncology” (BelMAPO, 2016)
Qualification category: higher
Starting work in the institution: 2017

Makaruk Elena Nikolaevna


Education: Brest State University named after A. S. Pushkina (2007), qualification – psychologist, teacher of psychology, Moscow Gestalt Institute (2009), qualification – gestalt therapist, specializations: work with children (2009); modern methods of working with mental trauma (2017)
Qualification category: second
Starting work in the institution: 2019, total work experience in the specialty 12 years