Psychiatric Department of day care

+375-162-55-03-56 – attending doctor
+375-162-55-00-04 – nurse’s post

Opening hours
Mondays-Fridays: 8.00-17.05
Saturday, Sunday: closed

Our address
Brest, Ploska st., 17

The tasks of the department are:

  • provision of outpatient medical care with diagnostic, advisory and rehabilitation assistance to patients who do not require round-the-clock medical supervision;
  • introduction into practice of modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients based on the achievements of medical science and best practices of health organizations;
  • shortening the period of temporary disability, preventing disability or reducing its severity;
  • provision of interconnection and continuity with other structural units in the examination, treatment and medical rehabilitation;
  • military medical and labor expertise;
  • rehabilitation of persons of military age with mental disorders.

Lapich Maria Ignatyevna

psychiatrist-narcologist, Head of department

Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2002
Training: “Medical examination with the basics of rehabilitation in the primary disabling pathology” (BelMAPO, 2018)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 2005

Levko Nadezhda Vasilyevna

head nurse

Mironyuk Viktor Konstantinovich


Education: Grodno State Medical Institute, 1982
Training: “Electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of mental disorders (diseases) at the present stage” (Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Mental Health, 2018)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 1992

Gruzova Viktoria Vladimirovna


Education: Grodno State Medical Institute, 1999
Training: “Elderly Dementia” (BelMAPO, 2018)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 2013

Pats Elena Mikhailovna


Education: Grodno State Medical University, 2002
Training: “Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of suicidal crisis” (BelMAPO, 2016)
Qualification category: first
Starting work in the institution: 2005

Boyarchuk Elena Valerievna


Education: Brest State University named after A.S. Pushkin, qualification – psychologist, psychology teacher, Moscow Gestalt Institute, qualification – gestalt therapist, special courses “Theory and practice of working with the family”, “Crisis states and ways to overcome them”, “Dependencies. Types, causes, ways to overcome”, “Art therapy”
Area of professional interests: clinical psychology (psychosomatic, anxiety, depressive disorders, adaptation disorders), crisis conditions and their consequences (traumatic, personal, family crises), psychological problems (inadequate self-esteem, rejection of oneself, one’s place in the world), psychological diagnostics (attention, memory, thinking, emotional and personal sphere)
Awards and decals: the best psychologist of the year in the Brest region, 2016